You know, because you put the opponent in prison?! Am I right fellas?! Though crowd.


If I said that Pillow Fort's gameplan was to be as annoying as possible, I wouldn't be too far off. Its goal is to stop the opponent from playing the game, to then wait until it draws its win conditions.

The deck does that by putting weight and in some cases even stopping what the opponent tries to do , meanwhile exiling his main threats. Once the opponent is more or less immobilized, win conditions that synergize with the rest of the deck quickly finish the match.

My version is a little different because of its ramp and creatures (the green splash). The cancer is still there though, so don't worry about it.

I've also made a more classic take on the pillow fort strategy that can be found here. I find this "hybrid" version more quick and versatile though, but maybe I just sucked at making the other deck.

Modern Meta

This deck is not meant to win in the current (or any) modern meta, and the sideboard makes it pretty clear. In my tries however the deck performed decently even against the top tiers, so with a few tweeks it should become competitive enough.

This deck is worth looking at if you want a more competitive version of mine. I don't like some of his card choices, but he almost surely has more experience than I do.

If you are looking for a competitive version of the classic pillow fort formula, then this deck might be worth a look. Again I don't like some of his cards, but it's still my favorite out of all the pillow fort decks I've found out there. Also he's got the same Family Guy meme I do!

Card Choices

  • Ghostly Prison : Often forces aggressive and midrange decks to decide between not attacking or staying a turn behind. I'm fine with both.
  • Oblivion Ring : Removal. Not much to say here.
  • Journey to Nowhere : Cheaper removal only limited to creatures. The first thing to take out game 2 if the opponent is playing control or combo.
  • Runed Halo : Super versatile card. It can stop some combo decks or act as some sort of light removal. The devotion is pretty good also.
  • Utopia Sprawl : Ramp. This deck is faster than it looks, but it could still use a little push.
  • Sphere of Safety : Once the board is developed this card will assure you won't get attacked ever again.
  • Sigil of the Empty Throne : The main win condition and one of my favorite cards in the entire game.

"By the law of Avacyn, the following thoughts, words, and deeds are henceforth disallowed."


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