The boogeyman of all graveyard decks, Dredge! This deck uses the Dredge mechanic to fill the graveyard with free cards like Narcomoeba, Prized Amalgam, Creeping Chill, and Silversmote Ghoul. The biggest reason to splash white in Dredge (which can also be built as a RB deck to save on money and increase mana consistency, see here: $15 Dredge) is a card from Strixhaven, Thrilling Discovery. Thrilling Discovery is essentially copies 5-8 of Cathartic Reunion, which is the best enabler in the deck.

In this particular build, we're splashing white for both Thrilling Discovery and Smiting Helix, which gives us another Silversmote Ghoul enabler and some main deck interaction. The budget mana base also has some synergy with Silversmote; playing a Scoured Barrens and a Thrilling Discovery in the same turn is enough life gain to trigger its ability.

Fun fact: My inspiration for this Mardu Dredge deck comes from the Penny Dreadful Dredge deck that is legal every few seasons. It uses the same core of Silversmote/Chill/Helix with Cathartic Reunion and is really difficult to beat in that format!

Upgrades: Bloodghast, Ox of Agonas, Lands + Life from the Loam

This is part of the Modern Budget Battle Box series, a collection of budget decks designed to make Modern battle boxes fun and affordable! Check them out at my profile: hungry000


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