Alela ducked around the cloud cover, the very tip of her glistening wing stirring tiny spirals into the vapor. Unpleasant thoughts of the other of her kin brought a disappointed frown to her pursed lips.

"Child's play..." She muttered to herself as she prepared to weave another hex around the sleepy human village below.

"My games will topple kingdoms..."


The strategy of this deck is rather straightforward: rely on enchantments to defend yourself or to forward your board state, cast Alela as soon as possible, and allow her to naturally produce tokens. All of our enchantments are aimed to either slow our opponents down or speed our strategy up, allowing us to hopefully snowball into a small squadron of faeries.

Card Rundown

Aura of Silence, Blind Obedience, and Frozen Aether slow our opponents just a bit, and puts a damper on any hasty attackers.
Darksteel Mutation, Detention Sphere, and Elspeth Conquers Death can act as targeted ways to deal with specific threats.
Ghostly Prison,Norn's Annex, Propaganda, and Sphere of Safety all perform the same role: defending our life total from our opponent's battlefield presence.
The classic Bitterblossom, provides a consistent way to generate faeries.
Cathars' Crusade, Coat of Arms, Etchings of the Chosen, Gravitational Shift, and Intangible Virtue all work together to bolster our tokens, giving our evasive flyers a bit more edge.
Kiora Bests the Sea God, Luminarch Ascension, and Sigil of the Empty Throne provide extra angel and kraken tokens.
Zur the Enchanter, the classic Esper Enchantment commander, acts as second in command. Since most of our enchantments are CMC 3 or below, we should have no trouble fishing up something useful. As Foretold, Bitterblossom, Intangible Virtue, Luminarch Ascension, and Monologue Tax would be among my first choices.
As Foretold, when left alone for a couple turns, can free up a great deal of mana as the game progresses.
Telepathy provides helpful information.
Grave Pact is a great deterrent against board wipes and removal, since we expect our tokens to die frequently.
Mesa Enchantress, Reconnaissance Mission, Rhystic Study, and the new Curiosity Crafter provide card draw.
Painful Quandary keeps our opponents' hands empty.

Winning the Game

Risky as it may be, Alela, Artful Provocateur is the key to this deck. We need her on the battlefield as often as possible, so that she can produce tokens. Our enchantments act mainly as our control and our defense, and Alela granting us an offensive benefit just from playing our cards is what this deck revolves around. With minimal interaction, this deck is able to pick up speed fairly quickly. Enchantments are not the easiest permanent to interact with, so often we are able to build a decent defensive presence fairly easily. From there, we send our squadron of faeries, angels, and even a kraken or two, in waves to whittle our opponents down.

Thanks for reading! I'm always open to any helpful suggestions.


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