Sarkhan gazed on the world around him, the dragons sweeping through its skies, and joy kindled like a fire in his soul.

Deck Description

I am Sheld and this is my Temur Dragon tribal EDH deck. The dragons are led by the Maelstrom Wanderer because why not, it is a fun card and I like it. As all my decks, this deck is meant to be played in a casual friendly meta and is not competitive.

It is a big mana creature deck with a lot of tribal synergies which can generate huge tempo to overwhelm your opponents. Boardwipes can of course sometimes be devastating but enough card draw should help you to recover.

This deck originated from my previous Gruul Dragon Tribal deck led by Xenagos. (Here is a link to the previous version: Xenagos' Dragon Swarm) The Gruul variant was a lot more aggressive and may have been more powerful than this one, but I got bored playing it and wanted to make the deck a bit more interesting by adding another color and a bit more diverse cards.

Give the deck +1 if you like it and let me know what you think about it!

Deck Strategy

The mana curve is pretty high so you want to ramp as much as possible in the first few turns and the rest is self-explenatory.

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