Early game control with white/boros instants followed up by an onslaught of Dragons who control the board and leave nothing alive. Best described as a boros midrange with early control.

Early game: Against aggro control the enemy's board with Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, Boros Charm, Draconic Roar. For control run Grand Abolisher,and Blood Moon. For draw we have Wall of Omens, and Orator of Ojutai. Orator of Ojutai and Draconic Roar have nice synergy with the dragons. Sarkhan's Triumph for dragon tutoring.

Mid/lateGame: If your opponent is getting a little out of control as you enter mid game feel free to drop a Wrath of God or Anger of the Gods just to clear the field for the dragons arrival. Use Legion's Initiative for counter control or to gain another ETB affect on most of the creatures in the deck. Then start releasing dragons into the skies, with dragons airborne now its time to end this game.

The Dragons

Thundermaw Hellkite: 5/5 with haste that taps all your enemies fliers for 5... need I say more?

Stormbreath Dragon: Prowhite 4/4 with haste for only 5 and later he becomes a monster.

Lathliss, Dragon Queen: finisher with dragon pump and replication.


Legion's Initiative + Wall of Omens

Legion's Initiative + Orator of Ojutai

Legion's Initiative + Thundermaw Hellkite

Legion's Initiative + Lathliss, Dragon Queen


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The deck is a a boros midrange deck using dragons and finishers. Has lots of good ETB effects that work well.

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