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Dragon Wall Z (Arcades Wall Tribal)

Commander / EDH Defender GWU (Bant) Wall


This deck is a very straightforward budget deck. It is cheap both in card price and mana cost, it plays very well, and it is genuinely the most fun to play deck I have.

Here's the gameplan:

  1. Play Arcades, the Strategist.

  2. Play as many Walls as possible, triggering Arcades' card draw ability.

  3. Attack with Walls to win.

I don't usually play tribal decks with combat wincons, but Arcades, the Strategist is such a good value engine and Walls have such low cmc that this deck is fast and furious.

Arcades, the Strategist and More

Arcades has 2 fantastic and fun abilities in addition to his card draw ability:

  1. to allow Walls to attack and

  2. to assign combat damage equal to it's toughness.

This allows a 3 cmc card like Wall of Denial from go from useful to brutal.

Because of these abilities (and his obvious card draw value engine), Arcades is a frequent target for counters and removal. Many Walls also provide ramp that will allow you to play Arcades from the command zone a few times, but if he starts getting too expensive, there are other cards that provide the same or similar effects. Cards like:

Board Wipes and Board Wipe Protection

This deck runs some great options for board wipes that take away the risk of wiping our own board. Using the low attack power of our Walls to our advantage, we can cast board wipes that don't affect our boardstate at all. Cards like:

In addition to these board wipes that don't affect our board, there are a number of options for protecting from board wipes, or easily recovering from them. Most can also be useful for Commander protection/recursion as well. Cards like:

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