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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Weenie Machine

Commander / EDH Counters GU (Simic)


This is a moderately expensive deck starring everyone's third-favorite Simic-colored elf, Ezuri, Claw of Progress. The whole point of this deck is to use various weak creatures, as well as some token engines to take your creatures from 1/1s to 11/11s. Once you get there, you then beat your opponents down either by overwhelming them in numbers or by making a small number of your creatures massive tramplers who can kill in one fell swoop. This deck is somewhat nonlinear, but it does have some recurring characters you'll always be happy to see when you draw for turn, like my boy Deep Forest Hermit. Shoutout to Themanwithaname for compiling my initial decklist for me (since I forgot my deckbox at his place lmao), as well as being a much better deck builder in general. As always, feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

P.S. No Sage of Hours allowed in this house


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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