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- Version 1.1 - - - 4/7/19

My goal is to have a draw-go deck that is also a clone tribal with Biovisionary as a win-con. I still want Simic goodstuff and a good amount of high-CMC stuff for Rashmi (though merely drawing a revealed card nearly every turn is still good Rashmi value IMO).

I also want to keep this budget and use mostly cards I already own. Luckily, I own a good portion of the clones and lots of instant utility cards. What I don't own are good creature tutors, or Mystical Tutor . Biovisionary won't be the only win-con though.

Biovisionary wins: 1 -- First win 11/11/18

Cards in the Maybeboard with an SL are cards I own. Cards with an MP are on the chopping block.

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Got my first Biovisionary win last night. Felt as good as I thought it would. Had Biovisionary and Dig Through Time in my hand, Rashmi, Eternities Crafter out, Long-Term Plans revealed on top of my library from Future Sight . Cast Dig and Long-Term Plans resolves first, tutoring Rite of Replication . I then cast Bio. Next turn I cast Rite and win! Lucky I wasn't disrupted--I didn't draw a single counter all game.


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