I made a pretty popular Commander Deck: A Deal With the Devil EDH but surprisingly this deck wins 4 WHOLE TURNS earlier, and costs 200 dollars less. So here you go. Its pretty sweet!

Overview: This a pretty simple (but very effective) Voltron deck, using an underplayed Voltron commander that works much better than many would typically think. Here's how an average game would roll out: Play Ramp Spells, cast Rafiq of the Many (commander) turn 3, then play 2-3 pump spells and an unblockable spell and win. That's an average turn 4 win (for 1v1). Works 95% time, the other 5% is because of missing land drops, which is the case for every deck. The biggest reason it's so effective is that there are no specific cards you need to win, rather cards that can help you win faster, in some cases. There are great lands that help, fun synergies, great pump spells, sweet unblockable spells, and of course the best ramp in town.

Ramp and Lands Ramp and lands, are pretty crucial (pretty obvious) but for more reasons, than you would think. Putting out Rafiq earlier can help you win a whole TWO TURNS earlier, which can be a great asset in most games. The ramp is pretty standard (Get it? Standard?), such as Noble Hierarch (which happens to have exalted which is kind of funny), Kodama's Reach, etc, etc. Though one fun ramp synergy I like is with Selvala, Heart of the Wilds. Buff Rafiq, than tap one with Selvala adding something like eleven mana, and play any more spells you need to win or aid you for any possible reason. There are other ramp spells above that I did not mention, so feel free to check those out.

Pump Spells and Unblockable Spells You pump Rafiq, than attack, but what happens if your opponents just block? I hated that about Voltron Decks, and since blocking was the main reason I continued to lose, I added a good deal of spells that can help Rafiq give that Commander Damage without worrying about blocking. Again, the cards are pretty regular for unblockable spells, I have things like Slip Through Space, etc, etc. The full list is above under "Unblockable."I pretty much pulled the best pump spells in magic out and put them in the deck, such as Berserk, so not much to talk about there. Finest Hour is pretty nice though too, because with the average pump spells you have a definite chance of killing an opponent, or even two in a single turn!

Other That's pretty much the core idea of the deck, but there are some fun synergies and other common spells that can help along the way. I love Silent Arbiter and Stoic Angel, as they are based around the fact that we only attack with Rafiq and none else, which can be helpful in screwing up your opponent's gameplan. I also have Sylvan Library for the simple reason of card draw, and of course, removal and counterspells like Path to Exile and Swan Song. I also threw Mystical Tutor in because it can search for Berserk which is broken. Hunter's Insight is also quite fun, usually allowing you to draw around 18-20 cards per turn, which isn't bad for three mana. Most of these cards though are meant for longer games, which 3-4 people. If you are only facing 1-2 players, you should sideboard these out for more pump/unblockable spells for a quicker win. I just thought I should mention all that.

Thanks For Reading! If there are any questions or advice on the deck, shout it out below! And if you want help on your deck, also feel free to comment it down below or mention it under my profile! Thanks, and have a great day!


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