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Dosan the Falling Leaf: Beef Chief

Commander / EDH Battlecruiser Eldrazi Mono-Green Ramp


My stab at a good stuff green deck with most of our Eldrazi overlords in the mix. Nothing fancy, just a good old fashioned mono green ramp & smash. Good times.


Why Dosan you might ask? A little bit of insurance that no friggin' mother friggers frig with my friggin' plans during my friggin' turn so frig you you friggin' frig.

Ramp & Smash

Each night as Master Dosan prays to the kami, the hate he receives in return withers his body a little more. Though the kami are slowly killing him, still he continues his prayers.

. cries .



Updates Add

Each player sacrifices all comments. Thanks to all that have provided insight thus far.

With BFZ + OotG out in the wild, this is becoming more of a 'ramp into scary Eldrazi threats' deck and I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

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