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☕ Doran Is Back Again.. and Again.. and Again ☕

Commander / EDH* Aggro BGW (Abzan, Junk) Multiplayer Tribal


What Is This?

This is Doran, this is treefolks, this is high toughness and it's these three things over and over again!

You'll get a package of graveyard recurrence while having some heavy butts to recur and do all kind of funky stuff with - nice.

Can You Give Me Some Highlights?


Three benefits of having heavy butts:

Three quirks of the recurrence package:

Three ways to win:

Why This Commander?

Have you seen this guy? A beautiful tree with a big butt! On a serious note: He's not that competitive, I know. He can, however, be a threat on his own and don't need many friends/utilities to become a real pain in the ass. Besides, he was my first ever commander, so I'm a bit nostalgic towards keeping him in a somewhat playable shell.

Why Would I Play This Deck?

You would like to pick this deck if you like to win by hitting your opponents with creatures for the win. If you also like getting your graveyard back again and again in various ways, this is also for you. Many quirky combos exist in regards to recurring stuff which might also attract players who really like to consider every move carefully!

Why Would I Want to Avoid This Deck?

You would want to avoid this deck if you play in a very competitive group. If you like decks with land destruction, heavy control and a lot of different ways to win this deck is neither for you. Likewise, if you're afraid of your graveyard getting ruined all the time, this deck will also disappoint you.

Final Notes

I hope you find this deck interesting - I do.

I'm welcoming all suggestions!

Lot's of love.


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