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Dont Rush Me, Im a Breach (cEDH Draw Go Control)

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Control GU (Simic) Ramp Spellslinger


Anti-Dockside Rashmi List. Anti-Niv/Artifact elements to stifle the effectiveness/explosiveness of mid-game docksides.

We have moved to Hullbreacher Shenanigans and a bit deeper into anti-creature territory. With the potentially permanent addition of some stax elements, it may be best to call this deck a hybrid of draw-go and a dash of proactiveness. You'll have to weigh your options, as a 2 color deck, we kinda lack options.

Preordain is my IRL Null Rod slot, haven't found an alter I like enough yet.

Im missing the dorks T1 that accelerate into early Rashmis quite a bit more than I anticipated. B2B isn't as effective in my currently low color meta. Just havent acquired the Null Rod yet either but it will likely return if I can justify cutting an instant or sorcery for it.


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