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Domri Rade - D&D Campaign Deck

Oathbreaker* RG (Gruul) Theme/Gimmick



This deck was/is being built as a crossover between MTG and DND. The idea is that we play as the planeswalkers we choose with as many thematical cards and abilities as possible incorporated into the deck. The DM will then decide on what battles we fight with standard DND rules and which we will be using our decks for. The idea was conceived by our DM Stuffmanofdoom. Currently, the deck as shown is what I am working to have for a finished deck. The way the deck fits in each we level up we also gain another card (decided by the dm) along with everything at our chosen level. We also flavor it as much as we can around each of us either having the planeswalker background or working to it. My character and deck, Domri, is in a state before his spark ignites. Just some flavour for our story and all that.


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After spending some time with the Simic, we, as a party, defeated Vraska and now have her fighting with us as a companion in another one of our decks. We each leveled up and gained a new card from our sideboard for leveling. I was given Thrash/threat for my level. Looking forward to seeing how this plays in the deck now.


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