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Domri Rade - D&D Campaign Deck

Oathbreaker* RG (Gruul) Theme/Gimmick



This deck was/is being built as a crossover between MTG and DND. The idea is that we play as the planesalkers we choose with as many thematical cards and abilities as possible incorporated into the deck. The DM will then decide on what battles we fight with standard DND rules and which we will be using our decks for. The idea was conceived by our DM Stuffmanofdoom . Currently the deck as shown is what have in the campaign at the current time. The sideboard I have for this deck is the cards that I wish to get levelled up into my deck following the theme of the deck. Seeing as this also a Domri deck, I am planning on adding as many cards that involve the riot mechanic.

I aim for Creatures (24), Planeswalkers (3), Spells ((4) This is both sorcery and instant), Enchantments (3), Lands (22), Artifact (1) to make the deck. With of course the signature spell and Oathbreaker.


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I have added a maybe board of cards that I plan to the deck once the campaign is complete. These cards I plan to be powerful one hitters and as much riot as possible. Please view these and give feedback. :)


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