My Background:

I wanted to make a deck using a commander in colors outside my comfort zone. Coming from mono black and Rakdos background, Bant seemed like a good start. Derevi is (or was, according to most reddit posts) a kind of boogeyman commander that sparked my interest after mulling over the commander precons. I originally planned for a 5 color deck with Ramos, Dragon Engine , but feared the lack of interaction would lead to dull linear gameplay.

Why Derevi:

Derevi seemed like a great commander to me because my play style leans heavily on using your commander. After all, if you cant use your general unite a theme/idea, what are you doing? After browsing the internet to look over the standard builds for a commander that never stays away too long, three main builds rose to the top. Tribal, blink, and stax.

Tribal was my favorite choice for a long time, but I kept looking. Blink had all the right things going for it, but always seems to have trouble closing out games. Still being relatively new to my playgroup, Stax seemed too risky to take into a group of diehard battle-cruisers. So I went my own direction, one that seems relatively unexplored.

How Derevi:

So I arrived on "combat damage matters." It checks all the boxes I needed. √ Battle cruiser friendly √ interactive fair strategy √ keep my friends √ not stax

The main themes in the deck are as follows: 1. Effects on combat damage (both creatures and players) 2. Evasion keywords 3. Creature based card draw 4. "Anthems" or more likely creature keyword buffs

Combining theses elements with the passive from my commander seemed like a recipe for success. A fun, fair, balanced strategy that should be fun to play with and against.

In closing...

I know this deck is missing a lot of cards that could make it better. A lot of the card are going to be inefficient and the list probably won't win its fair share of games. That being said, I made the choices I did to keep the deck casual, budget, and in good spirit. Also. I have no idea how to land so don't @ me.


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