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Domain of the all powerful Ur-Dragon

Commander / EDH


The Deck that got me into the beautiful game in the first place, a friend bought me the 2017 dragon edh precon and I've been hooked ever since.

Copied from my old Ur-dragon deck, but with a more optimised mana base and some new toys.

This deck's entire game plan is to take full advantage of the Commanders eminence, using it to build up a board with surprising speed considering the cost of many of our creatures. To this end the deck runs as much efficient (non-basic) ramp as possible, this allows the deck a chance to out speed opponents mana but also is used to crucially fix our mana base early in the game. If you can get the Ur-Dragon to stick to the board, with even a small existing board presence, even just two creatures triggering the Ur-Dragons ability can cause the game to snowball quickly in your favour. The engine that it represents is unreal. Being able to draw large numbers of cards is powerful, but putting any permanent from hand for free while you do so, is on a completely different level. To this end the deck uses a number of cards to protect or accelerate the big fella, 'Urza's Incubator' and 'Dragonspeaker Shaman' reduce the cost to 7, while 'Dragonlord Kolaghan' and 'Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund' allow the Ur-Dragon to attack straight way, 'Lightning Greaves' and 'Swiftfoot Boots' also achieve this, but they also protect the commander. 'Boros Charm', ' Golgari Charm' and 'Heroic Intervention' create great gotcha ya moments, that if timed correctly during a boardwipe will pretty much guarantee a win. In games were the commander cant stick however, there are a number of other creatures which can take over games on their own, 'Hellkite Tyrant', 'Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient', 'Morophon, the Boundless', 'Old Gnawbone', 'Utvara Hellkite' and potentially 'Tiamat' are all incredibly powerful when left unchecked, and when reduced by the UrDragon (or Urzas Inclubator/ Dragonspeakers Shaman) are surprisingly easy to cast. The decks main weakness is inherently the early game, and if opponents are opting a very aggressive strategy or the pod collectively decide you're the archenemy, then the deck will struggle to get going. But its incredibly fun to play, and has a quickness and strength that is often underestimated by people who play it for the first time, and then rightly feared every game after that. It might not be the most consistent strategy, but it has the rare strength of being able to play at a much larger range of powerlevels when compared to a lot of other strategies in EDH.

As always comments and constructive criticism is highly apricated. <3


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