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Who Let The Dogs Out - Dog/Cat Aggro

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***Decklist has been Edited, skip to bottom for more info. Fun Dog/Cat brew I have been working on. Trying to make something probably not top tier competitive, but somewhat competitive. Once a Pack Leader drops Dogs go on the offensive, Cats become chump blockers or defensive. Once Rin and Siri drop it's time to start recurring Selfless Savior and other 1-2 drops through Lurrus for more chump blocking cats. Necropanther can get back a Lurrus, and if you lose one Lurrus and pull another, you can cast out the Lurrus and Mutate Necropanther over it making the Lurrus no longer Legendary allowing you to bring back your other Lurrus and then you can Lurrus-cast 2 things per turn rather than 1. So don't be afraid to play Lurrus as you would any other creature (offensively or defensively, remember it has Lifelink!), Necropanther can recur a Lurrus or anything else in this deck aside from a Rin and Seri or a Frenzied Arynx. Speaking of Frenzied Arynx, the Riot and Trample give you flexible options, you can either use it as part of a finishing attack (doesn't synergize with Pack Leader but a 3/3 Haste can put you over the top for lethal) or can be held back with a +1/+1 counter as a solid defender next to your chumps, or can help get a proc on Garruk's Uprising if we need fuel later in the game (or on turn 5 if need be). The Sideboard has additional Cats in the form of Feline Soverign to help deal with Cat/Oven matchups, green/white/blue boggles and mirror matches. I started with Scorching Dragonfire to hit Teferi's and pop them for good, or to use them on other superfriends and found myself playing a lot of big creature decks where 3 damage just wasn't cutting it. Then I swapped to Lava Coil and found myself playing superfriends so the Lava Coils were hitting tokens in best of 1. So best of 1 I use Lava Coil because chances are decent that you can overrun superfriends with the early advantage. Kunoros is my favorite dog in the format at present and is as solid a creature as you would want, but interferes with Lurrus/Selfless Savior and Necropanther synergies and as a Legendary we only get 1 for the board, but in the few matches I have used it on MTGA it has helped wreck Rakdos Sac. Because it shuts down a decent part of our own strat I pushed it to the "maybeboard" just to keep it within eyesight. Shared Summons is another maybe. If we stall and need Rin and Seri's ability to remove threats or finish off a weak opponent during a stalemate and we didn't draw it or it got sniped Shared Summons can help break the stalemate, or if we need a couple of pieces like an additional Pack Leader or Sovereign to finish out a game it can help. It seemed as though Shared Summons really shined when I had to mull more than once, and of course you can't know how many times you'll end up mulling until you do. Still a good card, but at what price? What do we take out to fit it in? Maybe pull one of each Nightmare Cat to fit 2 summons? Maybe. All constructive feedback is welcome.

I feel like this is a pretty solid list, looking for tweaks that could make this list more competitive, possibly ladder ready for MTGA.

Edit So after numerous games, I changed the decklist up a bit. The Lurrus/Selfless Savior loop turned out to be as unreliable as I was afraid it was going to be at generating value. Too much of the time the pupper or Lurrus was exiled rather than ending up in the graveyard so that accounted for very little. Garruk's Uprising proved to be underwhelming. It was too situational for this deck to handle. Without a Feline Sovereign to boost the cats and without being able to keep Pack Leader on the table Garruk's Uprising just wasn't cutting the mustard. So I tried out The Great Henge and found it to be just what the doctor ordered in most games it came up. It pumps, it draws, it generates mana, what else can I say? It's a pain when mono-green pulls this out of its ass and it is a pain usually when we pull it out of ours. The next piece was Keeper of Fables. This was a card suggested by Raknulfr and when I first tried it out, it worked better than I expected. People hate blocking dogs that don't take combat damage but they hate letting you draw even less. I found Keeper manipulated my opponents into blocking against their better judgement or scooping when they discovered the card advantage which might be even more powerful/useful than simply drawing a card due to unblocked creature. Combined with Henge it just gets nasty! Finally the last piece. I was finding myself with too few decent plays in the early game, and wanted to add another 1 or 2 drop to the mix. So I went a'looking. I had considered adding in maybe Garrison Cat, but eventually I looked at Regal Leosaur as a good value option. Early game draw gives me the chump I so crave, while mid to late game give draw gives you a not too shabby pump to your board and the ability to cheat the Legendary Rule by mutating over a Rin and Seri allowing you to drop another cat/dog team onto the battlefield! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Soul Sear ended up making the list because it can hit and kill Indestructibles! Enjoy!


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