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Djeru, With Eyes Open WIDE

Commander / EDH* Mono-White


This deck lets you go wide with Djeru, and opens your opponent's eyes to some janky tech they would never have suspected. Enjoy! This is the type of deck people seriously underestimate.


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This deck is not Commander / EDH legal.

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Tokens Spirit 1/1 W, 4/4 Angel, Knight 2/2 W w/ Vigilance, 1/1 W Token Creature Warrior, C Emblem Elspeth, 1/1 W Token Creature Warrior, C Emblem Elspeth, C Emblem Basri, C Emblem Monarch, 1/1 W Token Creature Soldier, */* W Creature Avatar, 2/2 W Token Creature Knight Ally, C Emblem Gideon, C Emblem Serra, 4/4 Angel
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