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Just threw together some of my favorite creatures from throughout magic, lots of removal and a few combat tricks. No crazy combos or quick kills here. Just cool creatures to play with and lots of spells to kill threats and hopefully protect myself.

This deck is not meant to be competitive but rather just lots of fun to play with friends. While this deck can certainly win games it doesn’t really have a “win condition” as I prefer to merely be part of the game for as long as possible just wreaking havoc wherever possible. Cards like Sudden Spoiling and Imp’s Mischief are there just to throw a wrench into things. If you know more cards like them that could fit into this deck please let me know. This deck is evolving daily as my knowledge of the cards broadens. There are some cards I would love to have in the deck but have passed on purely for the lack of a foil option i.e. Volrath’s Stronghold :( This deck must be fun and shiny!


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I recently returned to the game and after reviewing the thousands of new cards added since I quit I updated my deck list, while the theme of the deck still remains the same roughly 50% of the cards from the original list have been changed.


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