Its not Syr Prizing that your Syr Vyval isn't Syr T. Fied. Syr Elenora is a Syr Rebral knight out to rid the land of vagabonds and brigands and she'll let nothing stop her in her path to clean up these streets. She'll Syr Pass any expectations and Syr Jeh forward to victory! She truly is a Syr Perior fighter. Its a Syr Cuit she will run as much as she needs too in her quest to Syr Mount the obstacles plaguing her path.

Thank you for listening to this Syr Men.

Delightfully stupid puns aside, this is my first real attempt at building a mono blue commander deck! Thus, I have little to no clue if this deck is actually any good. Any help would be supremely helpful, and any feedback is appreciated!


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