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Not That Card ... Discard!

Standard WUB (Esper)

CleverCombo Iydak

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Despite some recently printed cards of questionable power, Wizards knows not to print a few specific things these days. One of those things is instant-speed, targeted discard. Understanding why only requires you to know that as the inactive player, you receive priority during your opponent’s draw step, allowing you (if you have instant speed discard) the opportunity to lock them into an empty hand.

Nothing intrigues us as brewers more than finding ways to play magic in single player mode, so if you’re playing Lydia this week, you may want to bring a book or some knitting.

The key is adding instant speed timing to the existing sorcery-speed discard options. This means playing a full mainboard playset of Leyline of Anticipation , on top of everyone’s favorite (now) 3-mana planeswalker, Teferi, Time Raveler . As a backup, we’re running 2 copies of Emergence Zone as well.

Most of the discard options are pretty straightforward, it’s simply a matter of picking the best mix available. Duress isn’t necessarily ideal (certainly it’s no Thoughtseize…), but it’s an easy turn one play. Follow that up with Burglar Rat and then Mind Rot and you’re off to the races. Importantly, Mind Rot and Harvest Fear actually allow you to start generating some card advantage by forcing the opponent to discard more than one card.

The deck should ultimately function a bit like a control deck, just one that preemptively discards your resources, rather than countering them. This means we want some card advantage options in our own deck in the form of Tamiyo's Epiphany . We also need a sweeper to clean up the first 2-3 turns worth of plays, which is why we have Kaya's Wrath . Lastly, a solid finisher, in the form of Reaper of Night .

Try it out and leave us a comment on how you like it!

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