I don't like the look of this deck all that much, but it's put up some good finishes, and I'm not a master brewer. You have to try things you wouldn't normally do to develop I guess. I'm gonna take it down to FNM this week and see what happens.

I don't like the amount of hasty 2/1's in this deck, Lightning Mauler only seems exciting when you are throwing a Pyreheart Wolf out on turn 3.

I feel like a want another mountain in there, or at least a red source, Hellion Crucible might be wrong for this deck. 22 lands seems few for Zealous Conscripts and the full compliment of Hellriders, but what do I know.

Rakdos Cackler seems to get outclassed pretty fast these days, I'm looking forward to some Legion Loyalist action ;-) .


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