This deck relies on doubling/tripling damage using Obosh/Jeska. No even CMCs so you can pull Obosh from the sideboard. Vial smasher and Jeska are the commanders. Take advantage of Obosh and Vial Smasher to deal double commander damage. Add Jeska on top of that for 6x damage(non commander). If that doesn't work, give Vial Smasher infect to make sure no one at the table remains your friend. I tried to add some recursion in case you become too big a target. Some combos are; Malignus+Obosh for one shot kill; Obosh+Glacial Chasm+ Heartless Hitetsugu for one shot on everyone. I don't know what I'm doing so criticism is welcome.


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Swapped Polluted Bonds for Gratuitous Violence. Swapped 3 swamps for Rakdos Guildgate, Graven Cairn, and 1 mountain. Swapped Return to Hagra for Rakdos Locket.


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