Dinosaur tribal! Nothing fancy here, ramp as much as possible, cast dinosaurs and swing for lethal damage as often as possible. I've tried to include as much land ramp and mana acceleration as possible to help with the overwhelming casting costs of many dinos and our commander with a lot of card draw mixed in to make sure we don't ever miss our land drops. Much playtesting to ensue!

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to check my deck out!

UPDATES: Big updates with the release of the new Ixilan set and tons of new dinosaurs! I've trimmed the deck down in overall CMC by .25 total while adding some seriously powerful new dinos. I've nearly completely removed the subtheme of dealing damage to our own dinosaurs for value because it's too inconsistent and doesn't do anything directly to harm our opponents otherwise. A lot of the one time ETB creatures are out (regardless of how good they might be) and I've replaced them with creatures or spells with ongoing or continuous benefits. That said, I've extra loaded more ramp, card draw, and ability to get as much advantage and overwhelm opponents. At it's heart this is a casual magic stompy deck and that's what I want it to be!


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