Hello, and welcome to Dina's Deadly Designs! Where your foul deeds can be handled with the utmost subtlety. I'm glad to see you made it through the Grim Backwoods without tripping over the Necroblossom Snarls. They're a pain to Cultivate.

Now, if it's potions you're looking for, look no further than yours truly. With my incredible Alchemist's Gift, can craft you a Deadly Brew for your enemies, or a Fortifying Draught for handling your own problems. I can even whip up something to Infuse with Vitality - it's like you're drinking straight from the Fountain of Renewal itself! My trusty Witch's Cauldron has never led me astray (I found it at the High Market you know).

If you'd rather the more hands-off approach, our dedicated team of Vampire Cutthroats are trained to get you that Ill-Gotten Inheritance and make it look like they came to a Natural End with a simple Containment Breach. Or of course, if you're more a Vindictive Vampire, after a Dogged Pursuit they can receive their well-deserved Revenge of Ravens and be left in the street to Putrefy.

Death not quite your thing? Not to worry. Around the back, you'll come across our Witch's Cottage where our resident Veinwitch Coven and their three associates - Witch of the Moors, Sedgemoor Witch, and Accursed Witch   - are more than happy to throw a Trespasser's Curse around for you. Perhaps leave a Profane Memento under the right pillow? Just mind your step through the Bojuka Bog: it's full of Blight Mounds. Our Essence Warden has been fighting the Pest Infestation for quite some time - but it is a rather lovely place to Hunt for Specimens.

And lastly, we have our Divination branch, where our Grim Haruspex or Pain Seer can use Blood Divination to Plumb the Forbidden for you. A little foresight never hurt anyone now, did it? And if you're curious, yes, we do recycle the waste - we have a Blood Artist who buys all our remains. After our Blood Researcher has vetted them, of course - we're not Callous Bloodmages, oh goodness, no.

Thank you for visiting my Witch's Clinic! Once you've thought about how you'd like to proceed, please speak to my Witherbloom Apprentice to place your order.


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None of my local game stores or online sources have had a copy of Curse of Fool's Wisdom for some reason, but in its place I've been using a card I found in my collection called Sinister Concoction. And I have to say. It brings me great joy. I don't think there's any way I can remove it from the deck. It's too goddamn flavourful! I also haven't been able to find a Savra, Queen of the Golgari, so am using Malakir Familiar in her place. Only because Ghastly Gloomhunter has been such a good boy every game!


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