SHOOT HA'H! Gishath dino tribal. Nothing crazy here. Focusing on Enrage as one does with Gishath, Sun's Avatar. If she can pop off the deck starts to roll, so plenty of ramp included. Still tweaking a few things but when the chomp'n'stomp starts it is ON.

Zacama, Primal Calamity always puts all the work in. Trapjaw Tyrant is a killer her when we can get Enrage rolling. Tempted to invest in Aura Shards for some real nasty carnage when my gal gets her bite on.

Focused a lot on land fetching over mana rocks to thin out the deck and improve the odds of getting the maximum amount of dinos per chomp. Similarly, any thing that boosts G-Funk's power, double strike, Fiery Emancipation, etc. Were of top priority without losing out on the Ixalan dino jungle theme.


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