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"Did you just attack me?" spot removal tribal

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Sit back and enjoy the show! keep any mana you have open though, lest someone actually attacks you, because they think you can't cast a removal spell.

Game strategy:

Familiarize everyone with one simple rule in this deck. Anyone that attacks you suffers great consequences for doing so. Kill all creatures attacking you with instants, and if you can't, make sure to kill their commander after it's cast, or majorly disrupt their strategy if you can, just for attacking you. After a game or two, most people will realize that there's nothing to be gained by attacking you, and they can lose a lot, and magically nobody attacks you anymore. From this comfortable position of having your mana open and board empty, you can slowly gather gates with maze's end, or prepare for casting approach of the second sun. You can cast Child of Alara and kill it in a pinch to clear the board too.

Remember to search for Maze's End with the first ramp spell you get, as it provides a mana sink and a consistent land drop for 4 mana per turn

Win combos:

  1. Approach of the Second Sun + draw spells / Trail of Evidence clues / wiping the board with alara

  2. Maze's End and tutoring a gate each turn. boost this with Tempt with Discovery, Hour of Promise or Reap and Sow. Also Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Amulet of Vigor allow you to fetch more than one gate per turn. Scapeshift is a great card to help Maze's End, but it costs too much for me right now.

janky plays:

  1. Head Games someone and give them:
    • basic lands only for making their future plays harder
    • spot removal and board wipes only, since you usually benefit from them
    • a winning combo, if you're feeling particularly janky
    • a specific card to defeat a bigger threat on the board than both of you
  2. Abzan Charm your Child of Alara to kill anyone in 3 turns.


Updates Add

Rith's Grove -> Grand Coliseum

better mana fixinng, and a tap land (on theme, lol)

Jund Charm -> naughty // nice

the effect of jund charm seems lackluster since I put in more wipes into the deck. Also, I need to test out that holidays card. Sadly, tappedout doesn't support it, so I can't actually put it into my decklist >:[


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