This is my first attempt at a commander deck. I have brought it to you all to hear your inputs. Willing to hear all suggestions on stuff to put in and stuff to remove.

It's a budget deathtouch deck. I basically have made it to where I cast abunch of deathtouch creatures for defense and then attack and tickle players dicks with cards like Virtus the Veiled to decrease life or Phage the Untouchable and almost all of the vraskas to have full cock and ball torture for my opponents. I can achieve violating my enemies with special lands Rogue's Passage and artifacts Whispersilk Cloak to totally avoid players personal space. Or I can make the player focus on something else Golgari Decoy and then sneak in my surprises a little trick me uncle taught me at a early age

All feedback is appreciated and I can provide any details or answer to any questions! Enjoy!

Rated # 1 virtus and gorm deck on tapped out because who the hell uses virtus and gorm or partner commanders at all.

I know y'all seeing this deck leave a upvote or comment or else I'll use it against you


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