Under re-Construction..

The quest for making Mono-Black relevant again.. Starts here!!

Wow, 210+ votes?! Thanks guys!!

~~Currently in need of help to craft my sideboard for maximum effectiveness in match-ups against variations of Control & rush Aggro; specifically Grixis Cruel Control and Goblin RDWs..~~

..The Premise..

The primary motivation behind building this deck was to get some competitive mileage out of (what was previously) a criminally overlooked card; Phyrexian Obliterator, and imagining the look on someone's face when an Obliterator or two comes charging through equipped with a Lashwrithe!.. Mwah-Ha-ha-ha-hahh!!!!


But of course no creature can stand totally on it's own; especially a (4)drop in a format like Modern, therefore what I eventually built around it was a hybrid Midrange deck; a tempo-busting Mono-Black Midrange/Control deck with 'Gary' as potential late-game artillery.. I can imagine this being listed elsewhere as a Mono-Black ObliterRock..

Attriction is (generally)the name of the game here.. Ideally the gameplan is to disrupt & control the opponent's hand & board presence during the early game, begin applying aggro pressure while gaining card advantage into the midgame, then totally overwhelming them with one (or more) of our meatier late game bombs..

Breakdown of Mainboard... Show

Sideboard.. Show


Certainly more fine tuning is required before this would be able to truely hold it's own while knee-deep against tier-1 tournament meta, but I think as-is__ it stands as a solid tier-2 (if not a rouge tier-1.5) competitor.. But aside of it's competitive viaiblity, I have found this deck to be rather fun to play, flavorful, and at least a little tricky to sideboard against.. Of course, I'm always very much open to suggestions for improvement, especially in the sideboard department..

(+1)'s and/or anything that would give this deck a better competitive viability are always greatly appreciated.. (bows..)


Updates Add

This deck has gone through a variety of general adjustments & upgrades since my last SNM tournament update back in March; and so here I've condensed the last several decklist changes into one update..



-4Geralf's Messenger, -2Gatekeeper of Malakir, -2Wrench Mind, -3Sign in Blood, -2Go for the Throat, -1Dismember, -3Swamp..


+3Thoughtseize, +4Nyxathid, +1Liliana of the Veil, +1Hero's Downfall, +2Shadow of Doubt, +2Victim of Night, +1Bile Blight, +1Mimic Vat, +2Spawning Pool..



-1Duress, -2Ratchet Bomb, -1Sadistic Sacrament, -2Shadow of Doubt, -1Whip of Erebos


+2Mutilate,+1Pithing Needle, +1Rain of Tears, +1Surgical Extraction, +1Syphon Life, +1Tormod's Crypt..

Made investments in completing my playset of Thoughtseize & adding a Liliana of the Veil, and I completely removed Geralf's Messenger in favor of Nyxathid as being my (3)-cost heavy beatstick; I also changed the sideboard to include a pair of sweepers for fast aggro hate, while (hopefully..) improve my post-board position against various forms of Combo & Control. I also finally mainboarded Shadow of Doubt (over Sign in Blood) for game-1 advantage over decks running fetch-lands, Birthing Pod, and/or virtually any other kind of deck that relys on tutors;

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+1 Liliana, the Last Hope maybe