With Great Power comes Great...Greed!

The general idea for this deck is to be an Artifact-themed Prosper build, using the Artifact typing of the vast quantities of treasures Prosper grants to create Synergy and ultimately win the game.

The deck primarily wins through burn type effects contingent on artifacts entering (Reckless Fireweaver, Underhanded Designs) or leaving the battlefield (Disciple of the Vault, Marionette Master, Mayhem Devil), while Nadier's Nightblade works with the Treasures created by card:Prosper, Tomb-Bound to burn opponent's life totals. In order to create these artifact-treasures, the deck primarily uses card:Prosper, Tomb-Bound's first ability to play cards from exile, and his second ability that creates Artifact-Treasures from doing so. But getting one treasure per turn cycle simply is not fast or greedy enough, so the deck includes Impulse draw support in the form of Light Up the Stage, Commune with Lava, Ignite the Future. The creatures in the deck can also allow cards to be cast from exile, such as with Laelia, the Blade Reforged and Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, with Dire Fleet Daredevil granting access to non-rakdos interaction. Dauthi Voidwalker acts to slow graveyard strategies while also making treasure. More single instance support comes in the form of Enchantments: Theater of Horrors, Outpost Siege, Valakut Exploration, Elkin Lair. Elkin Lair in particular helps the cards in our hand be used to make Artifact-treasures instead of just casting them. We also use Artifact to make more Treasure: Uba Mask, Harnfel, Horn of Bounty. These cards keep the Impulse going even when our commander has been taken out temporarily, while also having small utility effects such as burn or hand disruption for our opponents. Cards like Academy Manufactor, Goldspan Dragon, Xorn and Brass's Bounty create artifact-treasures without needing to rely on Prosper's impulse-draw like treasure making. Even in removing our opponents threats we make profit thanks to cards like Hurl Through Hell and Murderous Rider which do remove threats, but also provide instances of exile casting to create more artifact-treasures. The treasures made can also be stored as needed thanks to Inspiring Statuary, and can also be an effective means of controlling the board or simply removing players with an active Ghirapur AEther Grid. Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast also acts to control the board while possibly triplicating important artifacts. He especially combos well with the new card Liquimetal Torque from Modern Horizons 2, which allows us to deal with Rakdos's worst nightmare, Enchantments, as well as the occasional Planeswalker, more effectively, albeit at sorcery speed. Goblin Welder can turn any of the artifact tokens created from the aforementioned effects into "real" artifacts, such as Bolas's Citadel or Aetherflux Reservoir, if opponents rightly try to remove them.

The deck also has secondary wins in Torment of Hailfire, Pontiff of Blight, and Aetherflux Reservoir. These each are payoffs to the massive quantities of mana generated by Prosper's treasures. Torment of Hailfire is a bit of a boring way to win, but can easily reach X values ranging between 20 and 30, which either wins on the spot or leaves opponents too far behind to win. Pontiff of Blight is the slowest of the three, but has the added benefit of gaining life as needed, giving combat based decks a harder time. Aetherflux Reservoir wins simply by the sheer number of spells this deck can cast in one turn with the amount of draw it relies on and the ability to effectively reduce the mana cost of spells by getting treasures from casting them. It is also notable that it combos with deck:Bolas's Citadel and deck:Sensei's Divining Top to create infinite life and damage. (Bolas's Citadel + Aetherflux Reservoir +Sensei's Divining Top).

Prosper's ability to generate treasures is heightened through Throes of Chaos, Dream Devourer, Murderous Rider, and Faithless Salvaging, thanks to their ability to cast cards from exile through the Cascade, Foretell, Adventure, and Rebound mechanics respectively. Foretell in particular lets cards in hand that otherwise could not produce treasures be cast from exile.
Revel in Riches- A Prosper deck is probably the best home for those trying to win off this card. But I think for me the win is far too inconsistent, and draws too much hate from the rest of the table to justify this relatively slow treasure producer.

Grim Hireling- This was one of the most hyped cards to come out from this product by my understanding, and while I think it can be good in other decks it is not for this one. This deck simply cannot attack reliably well enough to justify the inclusion for treasure production, while the second ability is a bad rate and slow.

Apex of Power- I want to like this card in this deck. I do. But hitting it off of any of the many impulse effects prevents the 10 mana this card is meant to give back, making it unlikely that the cards it hits can be cast. The mana only being 1 color also hurts the power.

Rise of the Dread Marn- Foretell works well with Prosper, but I just don't see the value this deck gets from the zombies.

"Steal" Effects- This is meant to broadly include some Gonti, Lord of Luxury type of effects that requires an opponent's library. These effects are largely too inconsistent for me, though I do acknowledge Etali, Primal Storm and Stolen Strategy as notable exceptions. The difference being that looking at 3+ decks, even one card at a time, is better than looking deeper into one in my mind.

Now, with the deck largely out of the way we go onto the cards I am considering.

Cut / Ribbons- Another Torment of Hailfire effect might be worthwhile, because...well...Blue exists. But probably not needed...?

Draugr Necromancer- I've seen this in other lists, and while it is good, I don't know about the consistency of snow mana in a non-green deck. I have snow lands, because there's no reason not to, but I'm just uncertain I'll have enough to cast non-rakdos cards when I need it. It is also an inherently inconsistent card, since I could find myself against 3 control decks or something.

Mana Geyser- In a big mana deck, the champion of big mana should be here, no? I just don't know that it is needed. Seems winmore, not win.

Rain of Filth- Gotta love the Hail Mary vibes from this card. With an Urborg out, it becomes a one time mana doubler. Sort of. But I think I like the card more than the card is good for this deck.

Storm-Kiln Artist- 4 mana is a hefty price to me for this, despite how much mana this deck makes. But it could be a good treasure maker.

Quicksmith Genius- This could create card draw, as opposed to impulse draw, I am just not sure it is better or needed.

Lastly, Thank You to anyone who bothered reading this list, and all the more thanks to anyone who makes suggestions!


Updates Add

I have felt certain cards were not performing well enough, so they are being replaced

Out- Pitiless Plunderer- While this card can make more treasures, and makes boardwipes somewhat less painful, I do not think it has enough value outside of decks that recur creatures or combo with it in some way.

Wild-Magic Sorcerer- I love Cascade, but it always has a chance of hitting an X spell, so I think I will try something else for now.

Grenzo, Havoc Raiser- This deck does not really want to attack, but Grenzo needs creatures to attack to get value. Even then, its only for the remaining main phase for the exile, which is not great.

New Inclusions- Loyal Apprentice- I like having flying defense, and it also creates artifacts to fit the theme of the deck. Still seems slow, but has little cost.

Florian, Voldaren Scion- Absolute value. He makes a treasure, and gets the best thing out of several cards depending on life lost done.

Imperial Recruiter- Finds my artifact burn.


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