Atla Palini prototype. I only want to run Eggs ( Roc Egg and similar), Changelings (which count as Eggs), or creatures that seem like they would lay eggs. This includes but is not limited to Birds, Dinosaurs, Lizards, Spiders, Dragons, some of the minor Eldrazi, etc. The exception to the rule is Loaming Shaman , since I often want to shuffle my grave back into my deck but I don't want to run an Eldrazi legend to keep the power level a bit more casual. Also, nobody in my group has complained about the inclusion of the illegal Chicken Egg .

There's also infinite combos in the deck, such as Atla + Thornbite Staff + Ashnod's Altar or Impact Tremors + Emrakul's Hatcher + Eldrazi Displacer

Nesting Dragon + Perilous Forays is also a fun little combo with Atla in play. Mix in Lotus Cobra and the combo really goes off the rails.


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