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Demons Devouring Humans

Modern Demons Humans



This deck is built to bring out as many humans and human tokens as possible so that Ravenous Demon   can end the game quickly.

Death Cultist, Champion of the Parish, and Soul Warden are 1 mana cheap human creatures that have abilities that synergize with this deck. Champion of the Parish can quickly turn into a powerful creature if it is brought out early in the game because it gets a +1/+1 for every human that enters the battlefield. Death Cultist is a +1 Life/-1 Life when sacrificed, which is what I plan on doing to that card anyways. Soul Warden gives me +1 Life anytime a creature enters the battlefield.

Thalia's Lieutenant is a 2 mana drop creature that adds +1/+1 to every creature on the battlefield as it enters. It also gets a +1/+1 for every new creature that enters the battlefield. So not only does it boost you existing creatures, it gets boosted by each new creature. This card could possibly win the game before I ever get to bring out my Ravenous Demon  .

Thraben Doomsayer and Xathrid Necromancer are 3 mana creatures that bring out creature tokens when they tap or die. Thraben Doomsayer puts a 1/1 Human Token on the battlefield when tapped and has Fateful Hour. Xathrid Necromancer puts a 2/2 Zombie Token on the battlefield anytime a creature is killed.

Gather the Townsfolk & Increasing Devotion bring out human tokens. Gather the Townsfolk adds two 1/1 Human Tokens and has Fateful Hour. Increasing Devotion brings out five 1/1 Human Tokens. If Anointed Procession can be brought out early it will double all effects making the entire deck very powerful. The board could be flooded with 1/1 Human Tokens very quickly.

Bone Splinters is a 1 mana creature removal spell that can be used anytime I am already sacrificing a creature. This will keep my opponents board clear.

Athreos, God of Passage allows me to return creatures back to my hand when they die. This will give me a nearly unlimited supply of humans to feed to my Ravenous Demon  .

Westvale Abbey   is an additional finisher card. It costs 5 mana and 5 humans, but if none of my other finisher creatures have been drawn, then this card will do the same thing.

I will probably add some dual color lands like Scrubland & Temple of Silence

I haven't considered my sideboard yet, so I will definitely need help with that. So far all I have is Lingering Souls and Immolating Glare.


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