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Delina and the Wild Wild West

Commander / EDH Mono-Red


It's a wild world we live in, full of chaos and suffering. And so help me God I am going to contribute to it.

Now the deck itself is very very simple. Play Delina, Wild Mage. Attack. Get that sweet SWEET trigger, target one of the many creatures in this deck that provide powerful enter the battlefield or damage triggers, and just be lucky. Simple!

Now now. I know what you might be asking yourself. "This deck is too broken! How in the world could it get ANY BETTER?!?!

Well fear not my foolish friends, for it does get even better.Port Razer. Attack with Delina, Wild Mage, target Port Razer, and then send the copy of Port Razer at whatever poor sap doesn't have any blockers!

On top of all this, you have even more cards that synergize very well with Delina, Wild Mage.

Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor - When the Varchild leaves the battlefield, you gain control of all survivors. This includes the tokesn of Varchild that Delina, Wild Mage creates!

Harmonic Prodigy & Barbarian Class - Both giving you a whole another chance of getting that lovely 15 to 20 on the dice roll.

Dockside Extortionist - One Dockside Extortionist is already great. You wanna know what's better than one of them?? 2? 3? 4? Just be lucky and keep bringing home the treasure!

There are many many more goodies within this deck and it would take all day to go through each and every single one of them! But to sum it up! A card that is good just get another one of them. Even if you are someone, by some miracle, unable to have Delina, Wild Mage trigger repeat like 50 times, even just having the trigger go off a single time will have plenty of value within this deck!

So what're you waiting for get out there and be LUCKY

Thank you for checking out my deck! This is meant to mostly just be a stupid fun little deck where you can get that sweet dopamine whenever you actually manage to get Delina's trigger to go off multiple times

However, I am completely open to feedback and would love to make this deck as good as it possible can!


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