A deck based around the infinite mana combo of Axebane Guardian/Overgrown Battlement & Staff of Domination/Umbral Mantle. Although its not intended as a joke deck I still find it pretty funny winning with nothing but walls lol. Its also quite cheap apart from the lands.

Ramp out with your walls, sit behind them and wait for the combo if you have to, you can use Drift of Phantasms to tutor up any of the combo pieces or look for a Blue Sun's Zenith to finish it.

Even if you dont get the combo off, the deck can still land large threats in Ludevic's Test Subject   or Vent Sentinel.

At the moment the deck is performing well in playtesting with a fairly consistent turn 5-6 win. I am considering dropping Vine Trellis &/or Wall of Omens for some more win con's or tutor effects. Ill work on the sideboard after the mainboard has had some more work. There is potential for a pauper version of this deck, I will also post that sometime.

Please share suggestions Id love this to be more competitive, dont forget to +1 if you like, thanks!


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