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Defense of the Undying Heart

Casual BRG (Jund) Counters Sacrifice Undying



This deck is based on the Dark Ascension Intro Pack "Monstrous Surprise". The main card is Flayer of the Hatebound , that deals damage to target creature or player every time a creature enters the battlefield from your graveyard (including Flayer of the Hatebound ). The strategy is to get up to two Flayer of the Hatebound and a Viscera Seer by playing Defense of the Heart . This leads to destroy both Flayer of the Hatebound successively to deal 20 damage at once.

While playing other undying creatures like Young Wolf , Strangleroot Geist and Demonlord of Ashmouth , creatures like Viscera Seer , Viridian Emissary and Grim Haruspex offer the mana base, card-value and -draw. The latter are supported by Skullclamp and Bond of Flourishing .

To get those undying creatures literally UNDYING Retribution of the Ancients takes away all the +1/+1-counters while destroying the opponent's creatures or your own to trigger the ability of Flayer of the Hatebound . Additionally, you can destroy target permanent with Beast Within while supporting the ability of Defense of the Heart because the controller of the destroyed permanent gets a 3/3 beast creature token. You can destroy target creatures with the ability of Flayer of the Hatebound , too.

There is an alternative way to get Flayer of the Hatebound , if your opponent plays with less than three creatures: Replace Defense of the Heart with Pattern of Rebirth , Beast Within with Bone Shards and add Blasphemous Act as a removal which doesn't affect your creatures since they have undying or get you an advantage being destroyed. A good alternative for Bone Shards is Fling which can deal damage in addition to the Flayer of the Hatebound damage.

Have fun with this undying deck! :)


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