Pretty straight forward deck. We're creating a huge defensive barrier designed to eliminate your opponents from being able to hurt you and at the same time throw down cheap creatures that turn out to be huge threats with just a little synergy.

I'm not a huge combo player but it's hard to have a offensive wincon without Arcades, the Strategist or High Alert on the board. Because of this, it seemed necessary to throw in one or two combos just in case we find ourselves over run. Intruder Alarm + Axebane Guardian + Eldrazi Displacer = Infinite Mana. With the infinite mana, we can use Reality Shift and manifest our opponents deck while we exile their creatures. We then bounce Eternal Witness to get back Reality Shift and just rinse and repeat until we win. We can even go other routes that are a bit simpler and get Psychosis Crawler and draw our opponents to death or bring out Wall of Lost Thoughts and Mill them or the ever classic infinite mana + Capsize and sweep the whole board

Thanks for checking out the deck. Upvote and comment with any suggestions


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