I've decided to dive into the explore/counters way to bring power to our shoal. Merfolk Branchwalker, Jadelight Ranger and Wildgrowth Walker proven to be powerful tools in GB midrange decks, why wouldn't we try to play with them as the Explore package are Merfolks? with that idea in mind, I've adapted the deck to best fit the counter producing engines that the deck provides.

The main idea here is to either build a good board state with some counters to get unblockable with Herald of Secret Streams, or to dump a lot of counters into one creature to flip Hadana's Climb and close the game with some big punches, depending on how the game goes.

Post-sideboard the deck provides tools to adapt to the matchup it's facing...

  • Extra Walkers and Tricksters help to keep the tempo while still working on the strategy (as Walker get counters and life and Trickster is a merfolk)

  • Sentinel Totem gets rid of GY with a low cost

  • Negates here work both against Control matchups and Midrange matchups where op runs stuff like Find/Finality and Ritual of Soot.

  • Crushing Canopy will deal for good with hard to deal flyiers

  • Sleep helps against creature based strategies.

  • The Immortal Sun function is to keep the flow of the deck in slower, grindier matchups. Every turn the Sun is on the field it helps to overthrow the op in all kinds of advantage. Don't be scared by it's mana cost, with the help of the explore package, Silvergill and Kumena, hitting the 6th land won't be a problem.

This is my actual decklist, suggestions are always welcome.


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Went 4-1 in last FNM and got 3rd place, both 1st and 2nd place went 4-1 too, but tiebreaker put me behind.

Matches were: Vs Grixis Midrange (2-0) Vs BG Midrange (2-1) Vs BG Midrange (2-1) Vs Mono U CO (1-2) Vs Mono U CO (2-1)

Feeling great about this version of the list!

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