So basically play Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats aka Deadshot, then destroy all your opponents creatures with deathtouch damage. Goblin Chainwhirler, and Dagger Caster are one sided Damnation's. Both Deathbringer Thoctar, and Goblin Sharpshooter do some serious work in a very similar way. Additionally Thornbite Staff on any pinger will also work the same way.

After you've destroyed all your opponents creatures, smash through for half or more of the opponents lifetotals. Creatures like Master of Cruelties, Raving Dead and equipment like Scytheclaw and Quietus Spike. Combo those with Wound Reflection and/or Archfiend of Despair to knockout your opponent/'s

A deck built around Zagras aka Deadshot comes at the price of having to forfeit some rogues, wizards, clerics, and warriors from the build. But there are some that fit right in. And those members are.


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