Really wanted to lean into the Egyptian themes with this, to the point I am including some sub-optical choices (Cough Manalith Cough). Couldn't think of a fitting Iron Maiden song to name this deck after, especially off of Powerslave, but "Hallowed Be Thy Name" fits with the tempo and a bit of the deck's theme.

I'm trying to maximize on the discard (as zombies are wont to do) and keep as many mummies, pyramids and deserts in as I can.

It's, at its core, a zombie aggro deck. However tries to have as much of the exploitation of life gain and discard as possible. Archfiend of Ifnir is really a star: a constant board wipe allowing the unbreathing hordes to swarm on in for aggro. When we don't have our demon lieutenant we just make due with standard zombie murder.

The death of a zombie should be meaningless with recursion except for key kickers like Graveborn Muse. Always keep her around. You'll heal her damage and the draw is insane, even leading to more discard which we love. Of course, I know it isn't mind-blowing or revolutionary to say "We want zombies in the graveyard."

I tried to include cards we WANT to pitch, like Adorned Pouncer and Deep Analysis to turn that discard into an advantage. I'll tell you what, an Adorned Pouncer recursion with Anointed Procession feels REAL good. (Throw in two turns of God-Eternal Oketra and you've got yourself a stew).

This deck stomps, but doesn't go for infinite gimmicks (yet?). Just good 'ol Egyptian ass kicking. Threw a Sphinx in there just for flavor. I like how it feels and looks different from any other dimir zombie deck by leaning into good orzhov creatures and many mummies.

Suggestions are always welcome. I really appreciate when someone suggests what to cut along with it. Very helpful when making decisions.

Lastly, like everyone, Upvotes make me feel good inside. So if you like what you see let me know with a little digital high-five, there!

Hallowed be Her name, indeed.


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