This deck's basic plan is to play with my opponent's cards. If I'm playing with everyone else's cards, I can't be off on the power level, right?

Looking at a few other decks running Daxos as their Commander showed me some form of control, but my other decks are already pretty controlling as is. I didn't intentionally build this deck to be control, but there are obviously some hints of it here and there.

A fair number of these cards are ways to get Daxos rolling out quickly and getting double strike so I can get multiple triggers in early combats. Outside of that, there's a lot of stealing my opponent's cards and using them for my own good. There are obviously a few cards that are just good in the colors like Sun Titan and Cyclonic Rift.

I haven't completely figured out the land situation yet. I'm just throwing this list together so I have something I can work with to buy cards at my LGS.

If anyone has any suggestions on how this deck could be improved, especially if those improvements are budget friendly, I'm all ears!


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