This deck uses Daxos, the Returned as general, mostly because it's the only b/w legend with any enchantment synergy. The game plan is to remove/stall threats and use card draw/tutors dig for your win conditions.

Combos/win conditions:

Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond + Plus dealing 1 damage or gaining 1 life for an infinite life loss combo.

Parallax Wave + Starfield of Nyx / Opalescence for infinite creature/enchantment removal, then beat down with your enchantments. You also have the option to flicker any of your enchantments or creatures indefinitely as well. This is an infinite life loss combo for each opponent with Grim Guardian, a retrigger for Heliod's Pilgrim to tutor all your auras, as well as changing targets with many of your other enchantments like Brain Maggot or Gideon's Intervention.

Overwhelming Splendor and Doomwake Giant is a decent soft-lock. Every enchantment becomes a board-wipe and it stops any shenanigans with permanents your opponent has.

Starfield of Nyx / Opalescence + Extinguish All Hope can be backbreaking.

Daxos the Returned can win the game with big enchantment creatures if all else fails. (It increases your enchantment count for cards like Serra's Sanctum which is handy)


Pretty standard-issue B/W mana base.

a few noteworthy ones;

Boseiju, Who Shelters All makes sure your tutors and boardwipes are unconterable against blue decks.

Scoured Barrens It can trigger your Sanguine Bond // Exquisite Blood combo, you can also tutor it up with Expedition Map or other tutors to set off the combo if needed.

Serra's Sanctum is the best land in an enchantment deck. Period.


It's mostly budget friendly manarocks.

Pristine Talisman and Helm of the Gods are notable.

Pristine Talisman of course sets off your life loss/life gain combo, but it is also a nice way to offset some of your life loss from drawing cards against aggressive decks.

Helm of the Gods is the equipment with the most value in this deck. Throw it on Daxos if you want, otherwise it can be a cheap way to add extra damage if you go on the enchantment beatdown route.


Grand Abolisher is perfect counterspell bait. Otherwise if it sticks, it makes sure no one can disrupt your combos on your turn.

Academy Rector is outstanding. It is an Enduring Ideal for 4 mana on death. It's expensive $ wise but very good.

Heliod's Pilgrim is a solid tutor with a body in this deck. You get the following choices; Curse of Exhaustion, Darksteel Mutation, Enslave, Overwhelming Splendor Underworld Connections. Pretty solid selection between removal, a hate card, a combo piece, a "control magic" effect or card draw.

Mesa Enchantress pure card advantage.

Erebos, God of the Dead a great enchantment & creature (sometimes). Stops life gain if you need it and draws cards. Being Indestructible is gravy.

Brain Maggot A cheap enchantment that forces a counterspell.

Doomwake Giant is great against small creature decks. Combos with Overwhelming Splendor nicely.

Grim Guardian is a cheap enchantment that triggers your life loss/lifegain combos.


These can be tutored with Heliod's Pilgrim or Open the Armory

Curse of Exhaustion is great against most blue decks and stops any combos that require multiple spell casts.

Darksteel Mutation, a great answer to a commander since the creature stays stays on the field and it still can't use any abilities.

Enslave is a good option to have. Stealing a big eldrazi with annihilator can be backbreaking.

Overwhelming Splendor is an expensive but powerful effect. This usually pulls the plug on any creature deck.

Underworld Connections, a decent card draw outlet.


It is mostly things to draw cards or stall the opponents creatures and gameplan. Use the cast triggers for Daxos' experience counter ability. Eventually these enchantments can go on the offensive with Starfield of Nyx / Opalescence.

You can use Karmic Justice or Greater Auramancy to protect your enchantments from wraths or targeted removal respectively.


Enlightened Tutor is one of the deck tutors for this deck. It finds 40 cards. Worth it.

Vampiric Tutor is one of best tutors of all time.

Demonic Tutor is the classic tutor. Probably the greatest ever.

Idyllic Tutor is much like enlightened tutor in this deck. It finds most of our important pieces.

Open the Armory finds everything Heliod's Pilgrim finds + helm of the gods for 2. Seems pretty decent.

Enduring Ideal is a necessary component to the deck. I do not think epic is good, but slamming this can win you the game sometimes if you just need one of your combo pieces. It's also a way to fight through counterspells with Boseiju, Who Shelters All.

Plea for Guidance is two Idylic Tutors at the same time.


Kaya, Ghost Assassin doesn't synergize with the deck's enchantment theme, but it provides great utility in the deck's game plan. 0 can hold off a threat for 2 life a turn, -1 can trigger your life loss/life gain combo and -2 lets you keep digging while also hurting your opponent a bit.

Open the Vaults is mass recovery from board wipes on your enchantments.

Yawgmoth's Will is expensive, but i happen to own a copy so it's in the deck. Turns out, using your graveyard as part of your hand for a turn is stupidly strong.

Anguished Unmaking, Utter End, Vindicate are solid targeted removal options.

Austere Command is a flexible wrath effect. You can usually have the selected modes work in your favor.

Merciless Eviction a flexible exile boardwipe. It also hits planeswalkers, which is nice.

Fumigate a boardwipe that triggers your lifegain/lifeloss combo.

Hallowed Burial A wrath that that has a good upside against indestructibility and graveyard value.

Extinguish All Hope is amazing in conjunction with Starfield of Nyx or Opalescence. Your tokens from your commander are also immune to this.


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