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pie chart Dark Sun of Decay

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"Don't look up" - Melira, Sylvok Outcast

My original twist on an Infect deck :)

Plan is to bide time until I draw Black Sun's Zenith, ramping as much and as fast as I can, then paint the sky black when my opponent is most vulnerable (Most of their lands tapped). Go for the Throats get rid of bigger or more annoying creatures, and Melira, Sylvok Outcast obviously protects my Hydra from sunlight so it can OHKO.

Swap Autumn's Veil with Ranger's Guile when facing Blue or U/B decks to ensure my Sun doesn't get countered.

Opinions and +1's would be greatly appreciated! Any suggestions on how to improve the deck in it's goal would be welcomed also! (Don't suggest I go with a different strategy/color. Point of the deck is to be original. Deck budget is also $40, for now, will add Woodland Cemetery later)


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Took out Wall of Tanglecord for Viridian Emissary, which will be used defensively to keep me safe and add lands to fuel the Zenith.

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