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Daretti, Scrapyard Superstar (EDH)

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Like all of my previous work. When I bought a precon for some slight modification I ended up with this mess.

Today we have a mono red artifact focused combo deck that has a decently fast clock if all the stars are aligned correctly.

Maybeboard holds cards that are good alternatives for your own Daretti deck

One of my friends had a Daretti deck, it wasn't tuned out nor pimped and it was just the standard precon with some better cards thrown in at random. And I liked the gameplay it brought to the table, constant looping, swapping trash for a Wurmcoil Engine . It looked fun is all I'm saying

And so I bought my own, tinkered around a huge while because I never played around with his deck and didn't quite understand exactly all of the interactions of the artifacts nor their meanings as I mostly played UR spellslinger EDH decks and it was a whole new world of possibilities and interactions that was opened to me

Mono red has some rough time with card draw (well that's an understatement) so having the option to constantly keep looting was amazing in my opinion, I really like the flavour of Daretti. Sure he might not be the best artifact general in commander that blue has, but I really like the guy, due to not having that many tutors I've instead put many combo pieces and some value engines so games feel quite fresh each time you whip Daretti out when it's not just a single loop you're trying to tutor for

What's one of red's biggest weaknesses?

If you said it was enchantment removal you'd be correct but I was thinking of a more fundamental asset called card drawing

And boy do I have some news for you!

Let me just preface by saying holy shit with Alhammarret's Archive , I just recently slotted it in and I've never felt better. Daretti now reads, discard 2 draw 4, Tormenting Voice gives you 4, Cathartic Reunion gives you SIX as well as Combustible Gearhulk and Wheel of Fortune draws you 14. This card is insane, if you're not yet running it, I suggest slotting it immediately!

I used to have Mind's Eye to help me cope with the lack of drawing outside Daretti's looting and switched it out to the archive, best decision of my life

Cogwork Assembler is an unsung hero, he generates infinite mana with Metalworker with four artifacts in hand by creating new metalworker tokens that all have haste so you can swing with them as well

Most Daretti lists apparently don't bother to run Sandstone Oracle but because of Alhammarret's Archive interacting with its card draw utility the ETB becomes huge. My unsung hero can also create more tokens of it to refill your hand, or when accessed with infinite mana, create an army of flying sphinxes

Tower of Fortunes is a good card to use as a draw engine as well. Especially if you have an archive out. Draw 8 for 8

Millikin is a totally stolen idea from the other Tappedout deck lists, people have been mentioning it and Manakin as decent rocks to help get Daretti out T3 and then serve as sac fodder or blocker. Both cases are met but this time the creature feeds your graveyard as well

One could remove some value cards like Solemn Simulacrum in favour of more impactful cards like Scarecrone which is absolutely bonkers. The sad robot is still a good card because it can give you a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle victory when copied with Cogwork Assembler and then the copies can be sacced to Krark-Clan Ironworks for unlimited drawing (infinite mana required for both)

Saheeli's Directive is a relatively new addition, not the best card but is damn strong

Thran Temporal Gateway is another of those odder cards that don't appear in every daretti list, I mainly use it to cheat out huge CMC cards like Blightsteel Colossus or Darksteel Forge without being able to use counter magic on them as they aren't being cast

Contagion Engine was used to proliferate loyalty counters on Daretti but is now replaced with The Chain Veil to do the same thing, it even gives you actual extra activations instead of just placing counters on it which is arguably stronger

Walking Ballista , Blightsteel Colossus , Cogwork Assembler , Staff of Domination and Mindslaver are the prominent wincons, of course you just have to adapt to the situation as it comes and think of what way you'll try to win as you go along. Sometimes nothing else seems to work out and you can't draw or reanimate anything else than to kill everything with the citadel + lattice + nev disk combo (listed in the combo section) and swing for 6 with Wurmcoil Engine until the table is dead. Adapting to the situation sounds corny but is a key part. Sometimes you find one combo piece but can't loot or find anything corresponding to it so you'll just scrap the idea and start again

Minor combos

Mycosynth Lattice combos with

Rings of Brighthearth + Basalt Monolith infinite colorless mana combos

Metalworker combos with

Other combo ideas with different cards:

So let's talk competitive, this Daretti list when uninterrupted hits critical mass consistently at T6-t8 range, usually no later than T9 at the very least. Sometimes you might get godhands to get you a blightsteel out even at T3-T4 but those don't count

This deck is very combo oriented in the sense that you use artifact interactions and gain mana rocks or reanimate your graveyard and is thus much worse when compared to Daretti lists with stax elements which I just don't like to play with but would probably give you a better seat at a serious cEDH table. This deck is supposed to just be on the gap of cEDH but possibly not quite there due to its core structure

Building a cEDH Daretti variant would mean putting Smokestack , Winter Orb and all of the fun, fuzzy friends in so keep that in mind. I'd however would like to try at some point if I could manage with a deck like this at all in a table like that


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