Work in Progress: Cute shit going on here. Working on a 2020 update now.

Please understand the word "PARITY" before reading the primer!

Why Daretti?

There are a lot of stax commanders out there, so why Daretti? I chose Daretti because he is more focused on the stax part of stax than the other commanders. He is also janky and I like the fact that he is not a cookie cutter commander. Other commanders have been worked on to the point where the most optimized build is already available. The lists I've found for Daretti online made me feel like there was a lot of room for improvement.

I'm also a firm believer in if you don't try you'll never know. Pushing the boundaries of cEDH is what I am aiming for with each deck I make, and the main goal is to make a new development, even if it is fringe.

For these reasons I play Daretti, I hope you'll find some of your own as well.

Work in progress

The Maybe Board is vast, and there is a reason for that. A lot of the cards in the maybe board could easily be added in place of other cards, some of them are very meta dependent and because I am going for a more general stax deck they were cut in place of more general stax cards.

I will go over some of the changes that could be made to the deck and some cards worth considering that are in the Maybe Board and suggest some cards that you can take out to try some cards from the Maybe Board out.

We have a couple slots for testing purposes. Use these to make meta calls as well.

Flex Spots Show

The main point of this deck is to be the only player above parity while your stax pieces are out. You are actively trying to stall out the board state, then you get to your combo pieces.

The stax pieces you grab will depend on your meta, and you are always actively looking at being above parity, and card draw is your main stay for this effect. This does not mean having a large hand, but it does mean seeing a good portion of your deck.

This deck mulligans hard. You want to slow the game down from turn one, and what is needed for that will change depending on who you are playing against.

Fast Combo Show

Graveyard Show

Midrange Combo Show

Hate bears Show

Control Show

Other Stax decks Show

Work in progress

You should have an idea of what you are looking to do with stax, but I will be trying to go over some of the cute lines you can do. Remember: You should only look at assembling cute lines once you are the only one above parity. If you are struggling to get players locked you need to actively search for cards to help to that end.

IMPORTANT: Goblin Engineer is a tutor for stax pieces ABOVE all else. He only is meant to combo AFTER you are above parity

STAX! Show

Work in progress

This is a build your own combo deck. You need a lot more pieces to combo off than the other decks, but that's ok! I'll try to list as many combos as I can, but understand I still run into new fun and interesting combos.

The hard part about the combo lines is that they can get pretty convoluted and if you want to win you need to be aware of what Stax you have in play. You may need to play around your own stax.

Combo Cards Show

KCI lines Show

Rings of Brighthearth lines Show

Constructs, what are they even? Show

Work in progress

But watch out for these:

Work in progress

Is 8 Mountains enough? Yes, never had a problem. If you run into problems adjust it. Utility lands really make this deck work. They do so much for the deck and add quite a nice flavor. I'll go over them here.

Utility Lands Show

Here is the removal page. Should be fairly straight forward, but I'll go over my reasoning for choosing the pieces that I have.

Removal, duh. Show

I just wanted to shout out some other Daretti decks here! These decks have great ideas behind them and really push Daretti to its limits! The creators deserve a shout out for the help they gave me an my list.

Guerte's Daretti is well thought out and tuned, and has an excellent primer. Check it out here!

RecklessFable's deck list has a lot of great cards that aren't stax related. If you are looking for list that is less about stax, or if you are curious about some combo cards: Check it out here!

bimjowen's deck is another great one to take a look at! It has a primer attached to it and has a very unique flavor! Check it out here!


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