$100 limit that does not include the basic lands (snow basics do not count either). Other restrictions for this meta were that any infinite in the deck must require 5 cards in order for it to happen, and the commander did not add as part of the budget either.

Notable interactions and ideas. Protection from creatures was basically the way to make Dantha or a friend unblockable.

Surestrike Trident with commander allows you to be able to do extra commander damage cause of the equip's wording.

Typically want to search for mask if you already don't have draw if you have one of the tutors of the deck, (except search for glory searching Sram) I choose dungeon of the mad mage for my dungeon of choice, with Thorough Investigation.

Slow fetches are there due to low mana curve of deck allowing better land thinning to be possible especially mono-colored, and budget.

Win Conditions: Strixhaven Stadium, Felidar Sovereign, Commander Direct combat Damage, Surestrike Trident on voltroned Commander tap effect, Aetherflux Reservoir.

Try to use artifact lands (Treasure Vault Power Depot Darksteel Citadel) if you draw into Nettlecyst/All That Glitters/Michiko's Reign of Truth. Don't forget artifact lands count towards All That Glitters, Nettlecyst, and Michiko's Reign of Truth both sides +1/+1's

Remember Nettlecyst effectively comes in as a creature and is an amazing target for Masterwork of Ingenuity. Nettlecyst also has great synergy with any of the clue, token, and food generators and it enjoys Thorough Investigation (trigger's each time a creature you control swings), Search the Premises, Magnifying glass, Replicating Ring after it has replicated.


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