Deck Synopsis

This is a creature heavy Simic Commander deck in which the primary goal is to use various means to increase the +1/+1 counter count among creatures I control, and to bring out specific key creatures efficiently. One of the main mechanics of this deck that sets it apart from many other Simic growth decks is the use of sacrificing as a means to increase counters, summon specific creatures, and activate creature's on-death effects. The primary win condition of this deck is by swinging with multiple enhanced creatures which either have trample or are unblockable, and the secondary win condition comes in the form of the card Simic Ascendancy .

Key Cards

The Ozolith -- Whenever a creature with any +1/+1 counters is sacrificed or otherwise leaves the battlefield while the Ozolith is on the field, all of that creature's counters are placed on The Ozolith. I can then move all of the counters on the Ozolith to another one of my creatures, including one that I may have just placed on the battlefield after sacrificing the previous creature with counters in order to summon it. Vorel of the Hull Clade has the ability to double the amount of counters on The Ozolith.

Neoform - Birthing Pod - Eldritch Evolution - Prime Speaker Vannifar -- All of these cards can be used to sacrifice creatures with on-death effects, and then summon specific other creatures from my deck that play an important role, while other creatures benefit from the effects of the sacrificed creature or the sacrificed creature becomes a multitude of smaller creatures, as is the case with both Hangarback Walker and Chasm Skulker .

Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider -- What can I say? A 6/6 creature for 6 mana with trample and haste, that also doubles the amount of counters that are placed on literally everything and halves the amount of counters that are placed on any of my opponent's permanents? I am really surprised this card was even approved, let alone not banned shortly after release. This creature will cause Simic Ascendancy to grow twice as fast.

Master Biomancer and Bloodspore Thrinax -- Master Biomancer is a card from some of my earliest days of playing MTG, and for the longest time I had been building a deck centered around him. He is just a very good and solid card in my opinion, and by far still my favorite, even though there may be cards that play better. He is iconic and sentimental for me, and I could not imagine building a Simic deck without him in it. He and Bloodspore Thrinax both automatically enhance any creature of mine that comes into play after them. Imagine them both being on the field and significantly powered-up when either Hangarback Walker or Chasm Skulker are sacrificed with many counters on them. I would have an entire army of super-powered squids or thopters. In addition, Bloodspore Thrinax is allows me to sacrifice any number of creatures when it enters, which would then allow me to implement the on-death effects of my creatures.

Sage of Hours -- I am honestly surprised that I have not seen this card in many deck ideas before. It just seems too good. When playtesting this deck, Sage of Hours has more than once been the MVP of the match. I have gotten an extra two to three turns at a time, due to the fact that, on each successive turn, I have options to get more counters on him and activate his effect again. If you can manage to get a good loop going with this card, it will put you miles ahead of your opponent.

Simic Manipulator -- Load him up with counters, take your opponent's creatures, and use them as the target of cards that require you to sacrifice a creature.

While I consider every card in this deck a key card, these are just some of the cards that can really stand out in a match, and are good to use and understand to their fullest extent.

Deck Weaknesses

  • There is not much control or counter-plays to answer anything that an opponent is doing. I mainly focused on this deck being able to do its job in the most efficient way, and the hope is that it will gain momentum quicker than any opponent's deck, and be able to secure a win in that way.

  • Although this deck does a lot of sacrificing, there is no graveyard retrieval whatsoever. The goal is to bring out the best creatures as soon as possible and ramp up the key creatures efficiently.

I would love to hear any feedback on how y'all think this deck could be improved. Thank you so much, and God bless :)


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