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Please note that I haven't played Magic actively since Kamigawa... So I'm a bit short on cards knowledge.

The idea of this deck is to use the Banding ability of cheap card to redirect the damage as you wish and triggers abilities on creatures when they receives damage : The Walls make you gain life equal to the damages they receive; Stuffy Doll can take as much damage as you want, and will hit back your opponent. Bellowing Aegisaur will boost your creatures so they can take even more damages!

And then some big creatures, with Trample to finish off your opponent.

I feel like this deck has too much small Banders and not enough fatties though. What do you think? What is this deck weak against?


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Reworked the deck by reducing the number of Banding creatures and replacing them by utility creatures. Gave a more prominent role to Colorless, with Darksteel Plate and a few Myrs. This should make the deck a bit more aggressive without losing its good defense.


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