Play your creatures efficiently and on-curve. Then surprise your opponent with powerful combat tricks to finish them off.

Sideboarding Overview:

As a general rule, the creature-spell ratio remains the same. This means Collector Ouphe and Scavenging Ooze come in for two-drops, while the rest replace Aspect of Hydra, Vines of Vastwood, or Rancor. If you're opponent has little interaction (e.g. Storm), Vines of Vastwood is the obvious choice. If your opponent has few creatures, Rancor becomes less important. Aspect of Hydra is the most explosive and probably the best, but in can come out if the other two seem important (or against decks with excessive amounts of targeted removal). It's also not horrendous to side out a creature or two for a spell if you're facing board wipes.

Artifact hate: Unravel the Aether usually comes in, and provides a way to deal with specific artifact threats (e.g. Wurmcoil Engine). Collector Ouphe comes in if the deck relies on activations (e.g. Tron).

Graveyard hate: Tormod's Crypt comes in against very graveyard-based decks (e.g. Dredge). Grafdigger's Cage does the same, but can also stop Collected Company decks. Scavenging Ooze comes in almost always, including when there are just a few key graveyard cards (e.g. Pheonix).

Control hate: Thrun, the Last Troll is a resilient threat against control. Veil of Summer can protect your creatures from blue or black removal and can also counter Gifts Ungiven.

Creature hate (aka removal): Gut Shot comes in against 1-toughness creatures (e.g. Humans, Infect). Dismember comes in against any kind of mid-range.

Lifegain: Feed the Clan comes in against Burn almost exclusively, Setessan Petitioner any time the life total is pressured.


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