This is an Abzan tokens deck that wants to make a ton of tokens really fast in the first few turns, then feed them all to Westvale Abbey   to get Ormendahl and swing. With the amount of tokens the deck makes, it should also be possible to just go wide and swing with help from Overcome.

What I like about this deck is that the overwhelming majority of it can be played at instant speed, and creating the tokens on your opponents end step minimizes the chances of your opponent meaningfully interacting with your board.

Obviously the big concern is getting killed before turn five, which is when Ormendahl comes out on average. The deck usually makes enough tokens though that it can afford a chump blocker or two, and between your tokens dying and sacrificing Omen of the Sun and Field of Ruin, activating revolt on Fatal Push should be fairly easy.

I think this deck has some real potential and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to optimize it.


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