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Control semi-budget deck, great for surprising your local FNM!

This is a different take on Brain in a Jar decks, but without the said card. Why? We didnt want to be casting sorceries, and Brain in a Jar deck is even slower than this deck. Here we try to play at instant speed, drawing on the opponent's turn and leaving mana open for your many counters. Therefore we don't benefit from Part the Waterveil. But we are a bit faster against aggro than they are.

How does this deck works? Very simple, it has 4 main points to the strategy:

1- We have 12 instant-cantrips for card advantage, searching for lands and our win-cons, with Anticipate, Hydrolash and Nagging Thoughts .

2- 12 Counters of all kinds and sizes, with varied effects. We have Scatter to the Winds , Calculated Dismissal and Clash of Wills.

3- 11 Board delayers, with Send to Sleep, Hydrolash and Thing in the Ice   if it lives to block.

4- And finally, your 6 win-con cards -> Rise from the Tides for a massive zombie army and Thing in the Ice   for a massive 7/8 that also acts as an additional Engulf the Shore.


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Took out Shorecrasher Elemental and Welcome to the Fold since they weren't helping much. Put more delayers.

Also took out Artificer's Epiphany for Nagging Thoughts, since it's good to have more cards of 2-mana cost to play and accelerate your game.

Working quite well now. My nemesis are planeswalkers.

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