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Creatureless Mono-Red Burn

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Creatureless Mono-Red Burn

This deck used to be centered around Harness the Storm, a great burn enabler that just happened to be too slow in many matchups. Quest for Pure Flame has proved to be a faster card overall than Harness the Storm given it's a one drop that, if played in the first 3 turns will always enable a powerful round. If you can play 3, 3 damage spells on a Pure Flame turn, it will dish out 18 damage! Considering Harness the Storm topped out at 15 damage on the very best of turns, and such high damage turns come far less consistently with Harness the Storm, Pure Flame seems to me the way to go for a quick creatureless burn deck.

Pyromancer Ascension is essentially a strictly better Harness the Storm. While Izzet Phoenix now uses Aria of Flame over Pyromancer Ascension the ladder is better for this deck. Not only does Pyromancer Ascension synergize far better with Quest for Pure Flame, but the life gain from a playset of Aria of Flame can get rather out of hand, and can be highly detrimental when you opponent sideboards in enchantment removal. Especially if your deck is centered around the enchantment staying on the field. Our deck also activates Pyromancer Ascension conditions very easily with so many playsets of instants and sorceries, almost all of which being burn spells. The only downside is that graveyard hate can shut down Pyromancer Ascension. However, Quest for Pure Flame keeps our strategy far from one dimensional and significantly resilient in the face of it.


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